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Working with Patiotic and Sound Better

When I finished Don't Want To, something was off. I tried to mix and master it by myself but being self-taught, it sounded wildly different depending on which device I was listening with. Beyond that, there was a certain spark missing. Something about the vocals sounded dull and I couldn't improve the sound.

Remembering that Spotify purchased SoundBetter, I decided to take a gander. After listening to several producers, I contacted Patiotic, a professional with over 20 years of experience. According to his profile, he likes working with indie and new artists so it seemed like a perfect fit.

I held reservations based on previous experiences with others, but Patiotic blew them away. I sent my rough mix and single tracks and by the next day, I had his first draft. With his keen ear and attention to detail, he took something that was seemingly mediocre and made it shine. From there it only took six drafts and less than one week to polish the song and ready it for distribution.

Patiotic was an absolute pleasure to work with. His dedication to making sure I was happy with the end product was one of many reasons I decided to return to him for mixing and mastering my next track Bury. With over 40 tracks, finishing it has been challenging but Patiotic is stepping up to the plate once again and I'm sure we'll knock it out of the park.


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